Rough Sleeper Outreach
& Community Cafe

A Revolution in Kindness, Delivering Value and Worth 


We are Northamptons only seven day a week, street level, rough sleeper support, registered charity


We are the only homeless support charity that delivers a one to one hot meal and welfare service, meeting the need right at the place of the need.


We are the only rough sleeper provision that did not close, reduce services or stop street level support during the pandemic. In fact our provision increased as we stepped in for every other Northampton service across the town.


We are the only fulltime, street level, rough sleeper and homeless persons charity that is operated 100% by volunteers. 

 Project 16:15 stands by the belief that every life, every person, no matter how broken, despised, burdened, hurting, rejected or lost, not only was born with hope and purpose, but also has value.  A persons worth is not measured by their social status, wealth, situation, circumstance, addictions, gender, sexuality, religion, culture, colour or race. The worth of each one is equal to all, because everyone of us stands equal in our humanity.
We can spend so much time arguing policies and agendas, theologys and principles that we miss that moment when another womans son or daughter, another childs mother or father  fades away from sight. Lost to isolation and loneliness, fear and depression, ending up yet another  life on the streets, where prostitution, abuse and drug dependancy can become the norm. Project 16:15 aims to demonstrate, through an absolute revolution in kindness, genuine compassion and practical examples lived out, that there is hope, that there is purpose, for everyone.

We Live in a Society That Has Forgotten the Value of Humanity!

Its How We Do What We Do

Unique Food Distribution

We Value Our Volunteers, So Ensure They Put Family Time First

Always Fresh Cooked Healthy Meals

As Volunteers, Every Donation Goes To Supporting The Rough Sleepers & Homeless

We Always Make Time For Those in Need

We Are Passionate About Our Work

 A few numbers to put into perspective what our volunteers have carried out since we started in 2017. 


Hot meals


Volunteer Hours
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Street Shelters


Team Commitment

Our Street Community Says

These are genuine comments from some of those we are priviliged to serve on our streets.

"The first time i knew about Project 16:15, was when  they turned up with a sleep pod. They saved my life that night."

"The food is amazing, but more than that, they always have time just for me"

"What these guys do, they do because they care. Everyday they give up their time for us."

Client C

"I was ready to end my life, when one of the team found me. He gave me time, he listened, and he made me feel i was worth something."

Client D

Dignity, Worth, Value

Driven By Passion Not By Profit.

Registered Charity Number 1187421

Project 16:15

As a registered charity we operate in strict accordance with our safegaurding and lone worker policies, as accepted by the Charity Commission.


329, K2 House, Heathfield Road, Northampton, NN57QP